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Brilliant post! I think the easiest one to tackle is marketing as they are close to the customer and value in terms of communication and brand. Most challenging for me is sales in relation to design. The thing is, it’s hard to convince them before you don’t have a clear, tangible solution including a high evidence from the market on a certain price tag for it. That’s quite late in the design process. So, how to convince in early stage, when there is only an opportunity you want to get buy-in for (invest time/budget to elaborate a solution)?

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It is indeed hard to convince them at an early stage. Two things I’m thinking of in this respect are: 1) Use data from competition or other industries. Is there a parallel you can make with a similar product/service through which you can show potential for value creation? 2) Don’t start with sales. I often mention how important it is to have more than one sponsor. Start with someone who is friendlier, and then move on to the harder teams when you have a bit more to show.

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